Our Vision

To create a generation of healthy empowered mothers who are raising well-rounded children that will grow up to become world-changers.


Our Mission

To equip mothers with information, skills and services so that they are able to address their own health in order to achieve the recommended development of their infant.


“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”

Maya Angelou


Meet the MMS Team

Kullein Ankunda

Founding Partner

Kullein is a Public Health professional  who is passionate about bridging the health access gap between providers and users through utilization of technology. She founded Malketha Maternal Services as an initiative to fully equip mothers so as to raise wholesome children.

Linda Amanya


With MMS since our founding, Linda Amanya is one of our proud veteran team members and works as an administrator at MMS. Linda Amanya supports the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology in the administration of science, technology and innovation programs concerning health, energy, education, environment among others. With an academic background in forestry, Linda is also passionate about environmental conservation and telling compelling stories about nature, which she does through blogging. When she’s not writing or reading a really good book, you’ll probably find her at a car wash, beach up or some sort of advocacy campaign.....

Doreen Basangwa


Doreen Basangwa is the consultant regulatory pharmacist at MMS and a seasoned program manager with  experience working to strengthen Uganda’s health systems. With a Bachelors in Pharmacy from Manipal University India and a Masters in Business Administration from Herriot University, she advocates for physical, mental and emotional fitness.

Lynn Ninsiima


Lynn Ninsiima  is an administrator with MMS and a Radiation Protection Officer with Atomic Energy Council, Uganda, under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development of Uganda, working to protect the citizens of Uganda, especially Infants and children against Ionizing Radiation and it's biological effect on the human body. With a BSc in Physics Technology and a PGD from University of Ghana, Lynn Ninsiima supports MMS in the utilization and management of safe maternal technologies. With a Physics background, Lynn also loves agriculture, she spends most of her free time reading.

Sheba Kangangye

Legal Associate

Sheba Natasha Kanganye is the resident legal associate for MMS. She has experience dealing with matters of Human Rights and Public law. With a LLB(Hons) from Kent Law School and currently pursuing a Masters’ degree in International Relations in Beijing, China, she also possesses research experience in matters concerning contract, property, land, equity, trusts, land and human rights law in Uganda.

Euginia "Gigi" Criss

Midwife/Doula/Lactation Consultant

Gigi Criss’s completed her Doula training in 1999 and soon after began volunteering as a Doula with the Elizabeth Seton Birth Center in NYC.  She is certified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) with La Leche League. To supplement her new passion for assisting women and families through birth, she created “Perfect Birth, Women’s Health & Wellness Information Center". Gigi has worked as a Midwife in local birthing centers, hospitals and with home-birth midwives.   Gigi provides the following services for Malketha; Midwifery, Doula support, Breastfeeding, early parenting support and HypnoBirthing.

Hamida Massaquoi

Public Health Nurse

Hamida discovered her passion for maternal health after volunteering as a research assistant for a PhD project on maternal health in Ghana in 2014. She obtained her nursing degree in 2015 from Metropolitan University College Copenhagen and later pursued a MSc in International Health from Uppsala University. She has previously worked as an intern for UNFPA in Uganda on topics pertaining to women’s and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights. Hamida is passionate about global health research and deeply committed to the promotion of women’s mental health and helping women and families cultivate tools to sustain thriving, fulfilling lives.

Shiela Kabachelor

Human Resource Associate

Sheila Kabachelor is the Human Resource Associate at MMS. In addition to an HR background, she also has experience in Environmental Management and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Amity University India. She is passionate about mentoring young women in their mental, physical and emotional well-being. She believes she is called to serve and is happy to share love, and care especially with vulnerable women and is willing to give her best at helping them in every possible way to see them have hope restored and a smile on their faces . Sheila also advocates for environmental protection and enjoys farming.


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