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Calling for volunteers!

Malketha Maternal services is delighted to invite individuals from Kampala and surrounding areas to volunteer with us in 2020. Every year, a number of volunteers come together and help make Malketha events a success. This time, we are looking for individuals with good English language skills to assist with the campaigns and outreaches scheduled to take place in 2020. Volunteering with Malketha Maternal Services (MMS) is a great learning experience and provides an opportunity to network and acquire insight into the operations of similar organisation.

Description of task

Under the direct supervision of the administrators, the volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

- Manage and update multimedia databases

- Prepare reports and press clippings on Malketha activities

- Carry out research as required

- Provide support in arranging conferences, outreach events and campaigns

- Assist in drafting reports, updates, briefing documents and plans

- Maintain and update a library of reference materials, such as reports, communications tools, booklets and photographs, and videos.

- Provide support to partner NGOs

- Assist in drafting terms of references

- Perform other duties as and when necessary


Bachelor degree or equivalent

Professional experience in the media/public relations/communication, research,or related field preferably in a development context

Fluent in English

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Excellent research skills

Professional experience in the media/public relations/communication, research, or related field preferably in a development context

Key Values

Accountability, Adaptability and Flexibility, Commitment to Continuous Learning, Communication

Note; All volunteers will be require to commit to at least 10 hours a week each of volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering, please send your resume and cover letter to Upon confirmation, you will be provided with a volunteer training manual. The manual will outline the responsibilities associated with your assigned role(s) and your scheduled volunteer shift(s).

Application deadline: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Positions will be assigned based on qualification and in order of applications received.

For questions, please email


We look forward to your participation. Thank you for your support!

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