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Join our upcoming online discussion - The psychology behind disciplining a child

Malketha Maternal Services is organizing an online discussion focusing on the topic “The psychology behind disciplining a child”. The discussion is going to be hosted via an Instagram live on the Malketha Maternal services page (@MalkethaMS).

Every parent wants to understand the most effective way to discipline their child. Research shows that even if “quick discipline” seems to have immediate results, the long-term effects cause more harm than good. How then do you know where to draw the line?

Tune in on Thursday 9th December from 7-8pm on our Instagram page to hear from Child/Educational Psychologist Letisia Murungyi as she covers some of the topics below:

  • Am I doing the right thing??

  • Discussing child discipline with your partner

  • Who should be allowed to discipline your child?

  • Is there an age where action is better than words?

  • What indiscipline warrants what kind of discipline?

  • What is the effect of different styles of disciplining on a child’s mental state?

To send in your questions in advance or for more information about the discussion, please send an email to

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