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Recap of the online discussion on donating breastmilk in Uganda

In case you missed out on our #InternationalWomensday zoom meeting titled “Donating Breast milk – Support a mom, save a baby’s life”, we have good news for you - the recording is now available. Malketha Maternal Services, in partnership with Atta Breast Milk Community, held an online discussion to raise awareness about, and dispel myths around donating breast milk in Uganda.

While the concept of donating breast milk is relatively new in Uganda, the mental and physical benefits of breastfeeding, and in turn breast milk, have been well documented for decades. If you have had a chance to visit an NICU in one of the Ugandan hospitals, or maybe have experience with neonates, then you may understand the value of every drop of breast milk.

The discussion covered;

  1. Why should I donate my breast milk?

  2. What are the pros and cons of donating/donated breast milk?

  3. How do I participate, as a donor/recipient?

  4. Is there another way I can contribute apart from donating breast milk?

  5. How do I get in touch with Atta Breastmilk community?

To send in your questions or for more information about the discussion, please send an email to

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