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Say hello to our new Doula!

Gigi Criss’s fascination with birth began very early in her life. She very quickly devoured any information about labor and delivery, midwifery and natural birth she could get her hands on. She completed her Doula training in 1999 and soon after began volunteering as a Doula with the Elizabeth Seton Birth Center in NYC. From there in 2002, she became a Childbirth Educator and practiced with local childbirth educators and midwives. In 2003 she was certified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) with La Leche League. To supplement her new passion for assisting women and families through birth, she created “Perfect Birth, Women’s Health & Wellness Information Center". In 2005, Gigi began working and training as a Midwife in local birthing centers, hospitals and with homebirth midwives. Since then, Gigi has pursued education toward becoming a licensed Midwife herself.

Euginia "Gigi" Criss

During the past 20 years, she has supported hundreds of families through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, early parenting, and Birth Mindset. Gigi is continuously in awe of the potential for joy and transformation for women, their partners and families during their time of pregnancy and birth. She continues to study, evolve, and improve her skills and is grateful for the opportunity to share and add value to the lives of those families that she has been serving in Uganda since 2013, through Midwifery, Doula support, Breastfeeding, early parenting support and HypnoBirthing*. These experiences deepen her commitment and passion to support Women in being positive, empowered and in having a birth experience to be savored and remembered forever!

In her own words…

My perspective concerning the natural way to your best birth is to be fearless and the gentlest way to birth is to think, feel and take the best care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy, childbirth and labor and just RELAX! I have an immediate connection with Mothers and their families. I deeply honor the needs of our Mama’s to be. My work to support pregnancy and birth is a welcomed answer to the mainstream societal values that is dis-empowering women and families during this time of pregnancy and birth. My dream is that every woman everywhere will know the joy of a truly gentle and beautifully peaceful and satisfying birth experience for herself and her baby!

Hail to the “Art of Birthing” Everywhere!

— Gigi Criss

*HypnoBirthing is a childbirth technique whose basic premise is to remove fear and uses a combination of techniques which all work together to eliminate stress, fatigue and anxiety, leading to an easier, calmer, and ultimately more 'comfortable' birth experience. HypnoBirthing, became an added birth modality in Gigi’s tool bag, she became certified in 2012.

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15 mars

In summary, the invaluable support of a midwife is evident in the birthing process, as they offer expert care and guidance to mothers during labor. Through their compassionate presence and professional expertise, they help mothers navigate the challenges of childbirth with grace and resilience.

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