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The “Dance mama, dance!” project

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The "Dance mama, dance" project is a 3-months project that is using dance to facilitate conversations and actions around the mental health of mothers in vulnerable situations in Kampala, Uganda.

Malketha Maternal Services is hosting an inaugural “Dance mama, dance!” campaign, an empowerment and wellness initiative targeting young mothers from socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. “Dance mama, dance!” is a four-part series that seeks to promote maternal health through movement.

Malketha Maternal services is working with 12-20 young mothers (aged 19-29 with one or more children aged 3-9), vulnerable women, and women in leadership positions throughout Kampala to implement mental health sensitization campaigns in an effort to promote self-care and well-being. Along with various other activities, the campaign will culminate in a dance performance that will allow participating mothers to showcase their talent after hours of practice.

Even with all factors constant, being a mother is a job that requires a strong support network. It’s even more difficult for mothers with economic, physical or emotional challenges facing pressure to meet society’s expectations. By providing young mothers with a platform to express themselves and learn, “Dance Mama, Dance!” will inspire a movement that empowers mothers in vulnerable conditions to not only be advocates for themselves but for other mothers like them.

For more information about this project, please contact us on email at or on phone at +256775855266

If you would like to donate to our Start-Some-Good campaign, please click here.

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