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The 'Love-notes' Refugee mothers mental health campaign

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Uganda has become home for more than 1.3 million refugees, 82 percent of whom are women and children—in the wake of the ongoing conflict in South Sudan, according to the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency.

Caring for a newborn is not only relentless but also requires women to run on just a few hours of broken sleep per night. Remove any kind of meaningful, hands-on support system and throw in being away from your home and family and what you get is so many moms struggling, and not just physically. In some countries, suicide is a leading cause of death for new mothers. Research speaks to a kind of ripple effect for both moms and babies: these women are more likely to develop chronic mental health problems, and their children are at greater risk of emotional and developmental issues years down the road.

Malketha Maternal Services is running the "Love-notes" Refugee-Mothers Mental Health Campaign as we lead up to World Mental Health Day. The campaign, targeted at mothers in refugee settlements in Uganda, will run for three weeks, from Monday 23rd September 2019 to Thursday 10th October 2019. We are going the extra mile for these mothers that are trying to thrive under the most strenuous conditions.

How do I participate;

In addition to various new/gently-used maternal items, we are asking that each contributor add a personal note of encouragement to go towards the mental health of the mothers/care-takers that will be the receiving these items. This note can include sentences, phrases or paragraphs that offer empathy and support to the mother. For areas where English is not the official language, we will have an on-site translator.

Examples of items you can contribute;

Cribs Playpens Toys Clothing in all sizes Personal hygiene items e.g. deodorant, Sanitary pads, Baby Socks and shoes Diapers and wipes Baby Formula


Baby Lotion

New and gently used Baby Clothing

Baby Blankets and Bed-sheets

New bibs


Laundry Detergent or Soap bars

Maternity Clothes – all sizes


Storage Bags

Nursing Bras

Toothpaste/Tooth Brushes

Services like counseling, medical care etc

Drop-off areas


Mawanda Royal Gardens

Contact: +256782871204


Next to Malaria Consortium

Contact: +256775855266


Uganda National Council for Science and Technology

Contact: +256779608108


Ministry of Health

Contact: +256771659974


Design without Borders

Contact: +256777181711

You can also contribute financially by sending Mobile Money to +256775855266

To RSVP, inquire about donations or volunteer, email us on or call us on +256775855266.

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