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We are growing!

We are more than pleased to announce this particular addition to the Malketha team! Below is a brief about Hamida Massaquoi, a Public Health Nurse;

Hamida discovered her passion for maternal health after volunteering as a research assistant for a PhD project on maternal health in Ghana in 2014. She obtained her nursing degree in 2015 from Metropolitan University College Copenhagen and later pursued a

MSc in International Health from Uppsala University. She has previously worked as an intern for UNFPA in Uganda on topics pertaining to women’s and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights. Hamida is passionate about global health research and deeply committed to the promotion of women’s mental health and helping women and families cultivate tools to sustain thriving, fulfilling lives.

'When it comes to mental health, Uganda has a long way to go in changing the narrative and people’s understanding of mental illness. In fact, most African countries do not acknowledge mental health as a real health issue. From a cultural context, stigma exists, which prevents women from seeking help regarding post- and prenatal depression.

While pregnant, women can experience psychological distress such as anxiety and depression, which can become an additional burden, especially for women living in poverty or with HIV/AIDS.

As a global health advocate, I want maternal mental health to be prioritized on a national and global level. I am excited to be a part of Malketha Maternal Services. I believe our team will act together in developing reproductive services that are integrated with maternal mental health to provide holistic and quality care, focusing on the physical and emotional aspects of reproductive health.'

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